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Google Pixel 5

Google has just released the new pixel 5 which features a three lens camera, wireless and reverse wireless charging, punch hole front camera and much more. The camera as expected was so good that they shot part of the presentation through the Pixel 5 camera. There is no large notch on top like the pixel […]

10 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

In today’s world, entrepreneurship has become popular and much intriguing. People want to be their own boss, want to be a leader. But to become a successful entrepreneur, one should not only be fascinated by the term but should also know the hardships and qualities that are required.Successful businessmen have many traits in common with […]

Google Pixel 4A: Everything You Want to know

Google Pixel 4a is an upcoming smartphone by Google which was supposed to be launched much earlier . It was supposed to be launched near May 2020 at the Google I/O event but it wasn’t possible due to the Outbreak of COVID-19. We can see in the below image that a tweet has been made […]

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