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Google Pixel 5

Google has just released the new pixel 5 which features a three lens camera, wireless and reverse wireless charging, punch hole front camera and much more. The camera as expected was so good that they shot part of the presentation through the Pixel 5 camera. There is no large notch on top like the pixel […]

10 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

In today’s world, entrepreneurship has become popular and much intriguing. People want to be their own boss, want to be a leader. But to become a successful entrepreneur, one should not only be fascinated by the term but should also know the hardships and qualities that are required.Successful businessmen have many traits in common with […]

Google Pixel 4A: Everything You Want to know

Google Pixel 4a is an upcoming smartphone by Google which was supposed to be launched much earlier . It was supposed to be launched near May 2020 at the Google I/O event but it wasn’t possible due to the Outbreak of COVID-19. We can see in the below image that a tweet has been made […]

Why is Tesla not coming to India?

Tesla is one among the worlds biggest manufacturer of electrical Vehicles In India also there’s an outsized no of fans of Tesla. When tons of individuals asked on twitter that when will Tesla come to India? Elon Musk Tweeted Well, 2019 is gone, now we’d like to ascertain whether or not Tesla will enter the […]

Netflix Secret Codes

Netflix is the biggest online streaming service with many categories and genres. It will overwhelm the user if all of them were presented at once. So netflix uses algorithms to suggest content. However if you are savvy enough you can browse those hidden categories yourself using the below codes. To use the secret codes just […]

Falcon Heavy : The world’s most powerful rocket

When I was young I used to compare rockets to the rockets(as in crackers). I expected them to go into the space and be done with it. I did not have any concept of reentry or reusing rockets for new launches. I came to know about it when I heard about ISRO’s rockets PSLV and […]

Jio Meet | India’s answer to Zoom

Recently we have heard a lot about zoom. The group video calling app had been a frequent word of mouth these days. Mainly because of the fact that the world had gone into lockdown and they needed a free and easy to use app that could connect the whole class or the whole conference room […]

Lunar Eclipse on 5th July|Buck Moon|Guru Purnima

What is a Lunar Eclipse? A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon. On doing so earth casts a shadow on the moon by blocking the light of the sun. There are different names for multiple forms of this arrangement : Partial Lunar Eclipse, Total Lunar Eclipse and Penumbral […]

ISRO: Pride of India

It was during the early 1960s, when the applications using satellites were still in experimental stages. When live transmission of Tokyo Olympic Games across the Pacific by the American Satellite “SYNCOM3” was done, a thought of utmost importance came in Dr. Vikram Sarabhai’s(the founding father of Indian Space Programme), which lead to the establishment of […]


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