Google has just released the new pixel 5 which features a three lens camera, wireless and reverse wireless charging, punch hole front camera and much more. The camera as expected was so good that they shot part of the presentation through the Pixel 5 camera. There is no large notch on top like the pixel 4 which housed the infrared and sonar module in there.Which means no face unlock.

Disappointing to see the storage is UFS 2.1 though as most flagship devices have UFS 3.1. Although if the software is optimized accordingly it should make absolutely no difference. And another factor to consider is that drives tend to get slower after some storage cycles so a high quality 2.1 is better than a low quality 3.1.

It comes with the Qualcomm SDM765 Snapdragon 765G (7 nm) chipset which again is not flagship grade but then we know with the right software google can make things work like magic(referring to cameras in Pixel 5). Talking about magic one interesting thing to notice in the latest pixel device is that it supports wireless and reverse wireless charging despite having an aluminium back.


Speaking of design it sports a clean aluminium case that is uniform without much lines or change in shades. There is a finger print scanner at the back which some people consider most convenient. On the top left corner is the camera system of wide and ultra wide cameras. The front consists of almost bezel less display with just a punch hole camera on the top left corner. People will have different opinions but to me the size of the camera is a tad bigger than expected.


It has a 6.0 inch Oled display capable of producing 16M colours with HDR 10+ capability with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Some would say 120 Hz would have been better in a premium flagship phone but 90Hz should be good enough for regular usage if you are not gaming. The pixel per inch density is 432 which is almost as good as the Iphone 11 pro however has lesser resolution compared to it’s counterpart. Which seems good enough considering the price difference.

Overall Impression

The Google Pixel 5’s camera might be a very compelling reason to buy but unless you have $699 to spend and you won’t even think about it the next day it seems a tad costly for the features it provides specially considering it has the same chipset and camera module as the Pixel 4a 5G despite being $200 dearer.