In today’s world, entrepreneurship has become popular and much intriguing. People want to be their own boss, want to be a leader. But to become a successful entrepreneur, one should not only be fascinated by the term but should also know the hardships and qualities that are required.Successful businessmen have many traits in common with one another. Lets look into ten traits of successful entrepreneur.


Curiosity is the urge one feel to know more about something. It helps you to become a better listener, a better observer and open minded. Entrepreneurs realize that every situation is a business oppurtunity and being curious to know more about these situations and problems help them to find solutions . They have the ability to observe with great focus so as to turn the problem into an oppurtunity.


These individuals are focused on their businesses and eliminate disturbances and distractions. Discipline can be compared to the base of a multistorey building, which means to become a successful entrepreneur one should have strong discipline and love for his/her work. Successful entrepreneurs are disciplined enough to take steps everyday towards achieving their goals.

3.Strategic Thinking:

It is a mental or thinking process applied by an individual in order to achieve a goal. Successful Entrepreneurs do have a good thinking ability since they have to analyse a problem in order to find a solution. The more curious you are about a problem , the more strategic thinking you can develop.

4.Time Management

Time Management is an important skill to have. Successful entrepreneurs possess great time management skill so as to complete everyday tasks smoothly and can also spend a good time with their family. It helps them to increase productivity along with efficiency.


Passion is the most important trait of the successful entrepreneurs. They love their work to such an extent that they are willing to put in those extra hours which will lead them to achieve their goal because they feel the joy when their imagination become the reality. Our so called Real Life Iron Man, Elon Mask works about 80hours per week on an average, and sometime it extends to more than 100 hours. This shows how much passionate he is with his work.

If you have passion about doing something, you won’t need any external motivation . It will keep the flame of desire burning within you.


Entrepreneurs are not defeated by failure. They see failure as a step towards success, because they learn from it. They are so determined to feel the joy of success that they keep on trying and trying unless and until they see the glory of success. Determination is a positive emotional feeling that helps them to persevere.

7.Communication Skill

Entrepreneurs should have a great communication skill in order to reach their customers/audience . Communication skill also helps you to motivate your employees and to be a good leader.

8.Risk-taking Ability

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risk. Entrepreneurs have the ability and strong mindset to take risk. All risk takers are not successful.

Successful entrepreneurs understand the problem thoroughly and then take the risk understanding whether it will be beneficial or not. They also possess a plan B and establish a suitable ground to tackle any unfavourable outcome.

9. Action Oriented

Successful entrepreneurs are much decessive and action oriented. They think and take action immediately without waiting for any perfect moments rather they make any moment perfect by taking action . They discipline themselves to take action in order to carryout their decision. Even if they make any mistake they take the feedback in a positive manner, learn from the mistakes and then take action again. This way they gather experience and we all know success comes from experience.

Successful people try far more things than other people do. Beacuse they believe that if you try far more different ways to find the solution the odds are that you will eventually find it.

10. Team Management

Team management is the ability of an individual or an organization to administer and coordinate a group of individuals to perform a task . Successful Entrepreneurs possess great team management skills which involves group task, communication, objective setting. It reduces unnecessary conflicts and increases efficiency. A team is always necessary to perform a task successfully but if it isn’t managed in a perfect and smooth way it can cause a lot of problems which can lead you to a failure.

Well these are the ten qualities that Successful Entrepreneurs possess and apart from these qualities they have a DREAM. They have a dream to do something of their own, to do something which can help in solving a real life problem, the DREAM that pumps their veins and give them a reason to wake up again in the next day.