Recently we have heard a lot about zoom. The group video calling app had been a frequent word of mouth these days. Mainly because of the fact that the world had gone into lockdown and they needed a free and easy to use app that could connect the whole class or the whole conference room at a time seamlessly and Zoom happened to be the perfect solution for that.

Very quickly it became popular among schools, teenagers and it’s popularity even grew to corporate and government meeting. That is when the speculations about data leakage and theft kept coming up. Elon Musk banned all employees from using Zoom and it was consecutively banned for government meetings as well.

Well the good news for us Indians now is that our very own telecom giant Jio has released an app which is considered as a Zoom alternative. It not only provides all the features but also the trust and credibility of Jio platforms.

From the looks of the app it seems to be very closely inspired by the original Zoom app however it is not just the ui design that adds value to the app Jio also needs to keep the servers running to power the free app that will connect millions of Indians. It is designed for serving both end consumers and corporates.

The UI is pretty simple. After you login there are the general frequently used options for a conferencing app namely New Meeting ,Join, Schedule and Share Screen and the user is guided according to the options selected. It also asks for the required permissions as the user expolores the features of the app. The permissions are invasive like local storage, contacts etc but it is expected from a tele conferencing app.

The app is available for iOS,Windows,Android,macOS and web as well. Which means that you can have seamless connectivity between your devices no matter which operating systems they run on. I understand there is not Linux support but hey there’s web. Which means it can be used on Linux with a browser.

It will provide HD video and audio support for up to 100 participants. It means that it will be more than enough for online classes or big office meetings. This seems like a good deal compared to the efforts of Google, Microsoft, etc via their own apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Of course, this is not the last of Jio we will see many more such apps that will reduce our dependence on external agencies. This is especially important in the case of IT and communication apps. With the new investment from Intel, I am expecting Jio to foray into the hardware provinces of the silicon valley which makes Reliance a favorite for investors.

As of now Jio has apps covering almost all of the utility sector like

  1. JioSaavn for music
  2. JioTV
  3. JioNews
  4. JioCloud for data storage
  5. JioChat
  6. JioCall which provides call via internet for non VoLTE phones.
  7. JioSecurity