If you want to take a break from windows sorry to say but Linux is not for you. Please get a Macbook.

The thing with Linux is if you know your workflow it is great for you. But if you do not know your workflow it is going to be a real headache.

The first issue is finding the right softwares. Softwares in Linux are not made with ease of use or the lack of technical knowledge of end users in mind.

They are made to be fast and efficient depending on multiple dependencies on multiple softwares which saves a HELL lot of space and system resources. But to an inexperienced user unaware of the dependencies will install the software only to find one thing or the other missing.

Okay since we are done with that let’s see how a “normal” user can use linux.

No you can’t install Linux without have the technical knowledge equivalent to atleast 2nd year of computer science because Linux is complicated.

What you can do however is install various popular distributions from different companies/organizations. If Linux is like the circuit board distributions are line the covering or shell of an electrical appliance which hides all the complexities and simplifies the interface.

The popular ones are Ubuntu,Fedora,Debian,Linux Mint, Red hat Linux etc.

My recommendation with minimum ifs and buts.

Go for Ubuntu full stop.

You can also look for other flavours of Ubuntu.

  1. Lubuntu is the lightes flavour of Ubuntu.
  2. Ubuntu Studio is for multimedia enthusiasts.
  3. Ubuntu Mate looks beautiful.
  4. Kubuntu is good looking but light (The one I am using).
  5. Ubuntu Budgie, I don’t know much about it but you can always try out for yourself.
You can also try

Debian – The Universal Operating System

Fedora – (didn’t find a tagline but it’s good)

Manjaro Linux – enjoy the simplicity


The thing with Linux is everything is not served in a silver platter like the paid or ad infested softwares of windows. You have to put in some effort to install/uninstall or configure softwares in linux. Once that is done everything works like a breeze. So it is difficult to change your workflow in linux but that should not be an issue for professionals as the tools used change everyday. But it will be an issue for teenagers or students who need to try out new things everyday.

system resource

System resource usage in Linux is very low compared to windows. You can take it eve lower but using a distribution that uses ever lower resources compared to the popular ones like Ubuntu.

software availability

Commercial softwares are not targeted towards Linux but you can always find some alternative with some effort. So if you don’t have time to spare researching for softwares linux is not for you.

Is it all command line?

Command line is just a type of interface just like graphical components like buttons are also a type of interface. However the software needs to be made in a way that supports either the command line or graphical interface. But it is true that command line is more popular among users and developers in linux due to it’s low system resource usage and powerful features.

The Bottom Line

The ultimate selling point of linux is it’s free. The bottom line is, use Linux if you want it for work and know the workflow. If you plan to use it for entertainment or for school where everyone is using windows or mac, Linux can be a real headache.

That’s all about Linux distros. But if your inner geek is still hungry here’s some information about various desktop environments used in linux.

GNOME 3 Desktop

This is the most popular desktop environment. Used in Ubuntu.

KDE Plasma 5

KDE is a well known,powerful and highly customizable desktop environment.

Cinnamon Desktop

Cinnamon desktop is make to look like windows ui and is a good starting desktop for those who are migrating from windows to Linux.

Mate Desktop

Mate was made to look modern and stylish. It however expect the system to be sufficient in resources.

Unity Desktop

This desktop was used in Ubuntu before canonical dropped it in favour of Gnome.

Xfce Desktop

Xfce is considered to be modern and easy to use. It looks somewhat like mac os.

LXQt Desktop

It is a light weight desktop as L stands for light. Known for it’s remarkably low system resource usage.

Pantheon Desktop

At first look it is very macos like so a good experience for those migrating from MacOS X. But it is also known for it’s clean and organized environment.

Deepin Desktop Environment

It is a simple elegant and productive desktop environment.

Enlightenment Desktop

It started out as a window manager for X11 system but later grew into a full desktop environment.