NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy shared four photographs of annular solar eclipse (Image Credit: NASA)

June 21,2020 was a day full of events like Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice , Father’s Day, Yoga day . The Solar Eclipse which happened that day was an annular solar eclipse .

But let’s recall what is a SOLAR ECLIPSE . Solar Eclipse is a rare astronomical event which occurs when the New Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, blocking out rays and casting a shadow on different parts of Earth. Now , people across the parts of Africa , Asia and other countries have witnessed the “RING OF FIRE” from The Earth. But, hey, according to the definition of Solar Eclipse, a Shadow was cast on different parts of the Earth and if you can’t see how it looks like then my friends the definition doesn’t seem correct. But one can’t see the shadow cast on the Earth surface while his or her feet is on the Earth surface, right? Don’t worry guys, we got it covered.

Chris Cassidy, a NASA astronaut living and working in space and a host of weather satellites , spotted the dramatic event as The Moon Cast It’s Shadow Over The Earth Surface and made a tweet : “Super cool view of the Annular Solar Eclipse which passed by our starboard side as we flew over China this morning. A pretty neat way to wake up on Father’s Day morning! Hoping all of the dads in the world have a wonderful day! #Eclipse#FathersDay#HappyFathersDay2020” and posted these four images:


picture credit : NASA


picture credit : NASA


picture credit : NASA


picture credit : NASA

Thus, now we can see the shadow of The Moon on the Earth’s Surface and we can surely understand the definition.

Here is the tweet: