DigiLocker… Yes as the name suggest is a digital locker for you. Just like a physical locker you keep all your important documents in it and take out the one you need. So next time when you get pulled over by trafic police and you have forgotten your license at home all you need to do is pull up your phone (smartphone) and open up your license in your online locker.

Is it that useful? well definitely to the tech savvy ones but the non tech savvy ones will have a hard time figuring it out. But the thing with digital “things” is they don’t require too much of an investment and aren’t really very costly to maintain so it’s not really a bad thing either (unless it gets hacked and millions of confidential documents get stolen) .

And yes they also save trees by saving paper! that’s important that’s seriously important!


So should you sign up today? if it’s the weekend and you are sitting at home staring at the wall then go for it but as of now there are no exclusive benifits. But who knows just like aadhar cards the government might force you to put your restaurant bill in the digilocker as well.

The link?

well you can just google it! okk okk you make thousands in a second so you can’t afford to waste time on a google search! For you guys!


Good thing the government websites aren’t booring anymore remember those running on internet explorer!!!

would love to listen from you int the comments! bye!