Emflux One is way ahead of its time, since whenever any thought of electric vehicle comes in our mind its about electric scooters or rickshaws, its never been about a Sports Bike.
So, welcome to the future with India’s first electric super bike- The Emflux one.
It’s developed by a startup in Bangalore.
Varun Mittal- CEO and Co-founder of Emflux, started a company 2.5 yrs ago
Vinay Raj Somashekhar- Co-founder and chief designer at Emflux.
Now Lets talk about its features:


71 HP , Torque= 84 NM.

Kerb Weight:

169 Kg.
And for that weight, the availability of this amount of torque will definitely make it a way to go Super Bike.


0-100 Kmph in just 3 seconds making it faster than FERRARI 458.

Top Speed:

It has been designed to give an aggressive top speed of 200kmph.


Design may look like , it will have an aggressive accent but also making it comfortable since the rider’s angle is correctly applied.


  • Front- PIRELLI DIABLO ROSSO II(120/70 ZR17).
  • Rear- PIRELLI DIABLO ROSSO II(180/55 ZR17).
  • Wheel Base- 1395 mm, making this bike a very manageable bike in city as well


There must be a question that how it generates that much of power, right?
The answer is its battery, weighing about 50kgs, composed of 896 cylindrical, 18650 cells, enabling Emflux One to beat those misconceptions of slow nature of electric vehicles.
Emflux claims that yo can travel upto 200kms in a single charge. They also claims that you can charge this bikke from 0 to 80%  in just 36mins, because of its 9.7 KWH Lithium Ion Battery and Wasp Charger.
So,what do you think about this bike?
If you ask me , i would say its a dream come true.
India, being a country where pollution is a threat to some major cities, this bike and the futuristic technology used in it, can definitely show me a glimpse of a beautiful future.

The Bike is expected to cost around 6 lakhs.