People who are out in the market to buy graphics card are overwhelmed by the variety of different graphics cards made by nvidea.

So NVIDIA graphics cards are mainly divided into two categories.

1. NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards
2. The AMD Radeon Cards

1. NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards.

 The first part consists of GeForce and a name followed by it. The names are ordered below based on their power.
GeForce < GeForce GT < The GeForce GTX
The second part consist of a number in two parts for example 1070 as in GeForce GTX 1070
here the first part 10 denotes the generation of the card and the higher is better.
the second part 70 denotes how good the card is at it’s job and generally it ranges from 60-90 again the higher the better for example a card GTX 1090 will perform better than GTX 1070.

2. The AMD Radeon Cards

 The Radeon cards are cheaper and are not as good in quality as the GeForce cards also they have a fairly simple naming convention the first part consists of RX followed by a number which is simply “higher the better”.