Microsoft initially launched the Hololens 1 , which was one of its own kind. But Microsoft didn’t stop its urge to bring more definitions to the world of Mixed Reality. And thus they unveil the HOLOLENS 2, which is more sophisticated and better from Hololens in various ways.
HoloLens 2 is more comfortable, has a large field of view and can detect real physical objects in the room. It features new components like Azure Kinect Sensor, an ARM Processor, an eye tracking sensor and a way different display system.
It possess couple of speakers, the  visor flips up , an 8 MP front facing camera for video conferencing and can track what your hands are doing in a much better accuracy then the previous HoloLens.
The Biggest issue of HoloLens 1 was that you can only saw the holograms in a relatively small box directly in front of you. Turn your head a little , the whole Hologram would have gone.
But this time the display in front of your eyes is twice as big as the previous one and also allows a 6 degree of tracking. Still there is clipping, since it couldn’t cover the whole sight , but its increased display provides a way better look then before.


The lasers in the HoloLens 2 shine into a set of mirrors  that can oscillate with a frequency of 54,000 cps, so that the reflected light can be displayed with much clarity. These two pieces form the basics of Microelectromechanical system, commonly known as MEMS technology.
Microsoft uses Waveguides to use the MEMS technology. They are the pieces of glass in front of your eyes that are carefully etched so that they can reflect the holograms in front of your eyes. When these three systems- the lasers, mirrors and waveguides are placed together you can get a brighter display with wider field of view.


Here is how you put the HoloLens 2 on: You put it like a cap, twist the knob on the back to toghten the headband , and then you will start to see the holograms. That’s it. Quite handy right?
Its much less fiddly than the previous HoloLens or any other face-mounted display and is way more comfortable.

Its for Workers not for Consumers:

The 3500$ Mixed Reality Headset is only sold to corporations not to the consumers. It’s designed for people in autoshops, factory floors, operating rooms etc. It is actually designed for workers who work with their hands and find it difficult to use a computer of smartphone at the same time.

THE HOLOLENS 2 is ready for pre-order and is worth 3500$.