As the name suggests, it is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environment for visualizing and understanding various physical activities and how physical and digital objects interact in real time.
It is the mix of reality and virtual reality- mixing augmented reality and augmented virtuality via various immersive and interfacing technology.
As we can see in the above figure, Mixed Reality is the combination of Human Computer Interaction, Conventional Reality and Perception.
The term Mixed Reality was originally introduced in a paper published by Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishnio “A Taxonomy of Mixed Reality Visual Displays”. Since then, the application of mixed reality goes beyond displays including environmental signals, human interaction , spatial sound and digital world.


From the very point of merging of mixed reality , its technology is enhancing for the betterment of different facilities and understandings. Below are some applications worth describing:


Simulation Based Learning allows the learner to have a real time experience without using the real environments. This technology is specially used in Military, Driving schools etc. The Arkanjos Razorbacks Football team uses this technology when they are not in the field.


It can be used to add important information of a user’s view where it is most helpful. Thus , the user doesn’t have to look somewhere else thus preventing various accidents. Nowadays it is being used in modern cars, military etc.



 In Healthcare and various medical fields, mixed reality provides ways to understand the various points. Some surgeries are very crucial and life risk is at pick. So, in such cases Mixed Reality is used which provide a better outlook on the crucial points that cant be seen in reality. It also allows the doctors to practice in a digital world to attain perfection before performing it in real world.


Mixed Reality not only enables the engineers to construct and design in 3D but also allows them to practice different designs without hampering the real project thus reducing risk factors. It also allows them to increase efficiency and also gives the ability to test a number of factors for better design and safety experience.
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