Apple has always been associated with quality technology and products. They have always had a strict quality check before releasing any product and they would rather not release the product than release something of inferior quality.

However this trend has been broken with the recent releases of macbooks which used a new keyboard technology called butterfly keys. These previous keys used a different mechanism somewhat like a scissor which allowed Apple to make thinner macbooks. But the keys started malfunctioning soon.
 It is probably due to this reason apple felt the pressure to prioritize quality and decided to shut down the project and according to internal sources the main team working on the technology is reassigned to other projects.The main problem was abnormal heating of the coils used in the wireless charger.
Image result for apple airpower 
As we can see the charger was supposed to detect the device and charge them no matter where you placed them in the mat. This required the usage of a lot of coils in the charging pad which is the main cause of overheating. There was also a problem of the mat being not able to detect the type of device.
Interestingly the new airpods also ship with the image of AirPower on the back.
This information has not been made official yet but it was seen in a blog by one of the officials.