From the beginning of Samsung’s career in Mobile industries, it has fascinated us with their innovative technologies and features. Here is another ONE OF ITS OWN KIND.
Samsung Galaxy Fold is the latest smartphone with foldable screen, awesome camera features and many more. Stay with me to know much more.

Display :

  • When Folded: It gives a brilliant display of  4.6″HD + Super AMOLED Display.
  • When unfolded: A 7.3″QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED Display provides brilliant tab outlook which gives an awesome handy experience.


For the first time in Mobile history, a system of 6 cameras is introduced. 3 on back, 2 in front and 1 cover camera.
  • Front Camera: Its having 2 cameras. A 10 MP selfie camera and a 8 MP RGB depth camera for best shot.
  • Rear Camera: A combination of three cameras: 12 MP Telephoto camera, 12 MP wide angle camera and a 16 MP ultra-wide angle camera which allows you to capture memories without any hesitation and an awesome lively feeling when you look back to those pics without being there.
  • Cover Camera: A 10 MP selfie camera.

All these combination makes the phone always ready to capture moments without giving you any headache of its position.In simple words A camera for every Angle.


  • 12 GB RAM and a 512 internal storage capacity makes it one of its own kind, supporting Universal Flash Storage 3.0- which means you can read data twice as fast as other phones making it impressively responsive.
  • No microSD slot , but I would say why would you need one when you have a storage of 512 GB.


  • Two batteries one on each side of the device- which can combine energy from both providing an immense power of 4380 mAH.
  • Fast Charging is provided both wired(QC2.0 and AFC) and wireless(WPC and PMA).


         7nm 64bit-Octa core processor.


         Android 9.0( Pie).

Multi Tasking:

It gives you the feature of 3 app multi tasking. That means you can watch YouTube , chat on WhatsApp as well as can serve news on Google all at a time .

Some others features:

  • The Backbone is a sophisticated hinge system that holds the phone intact for numerous folding and unfolding smoothly. But the beauty is that you can’t even see it since its multiple gear system is hidden to provide and elegant look.
  • The technology used in making this seamless device is App Continuity- which allows you to switch screen without missing any bit.
  • It will be release in four GALACTIC colors:   Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Astro Blue and Martian Green.

Price and Release:  It’s cost starts from $1,980/Rs 1,37,967 and goes on sale April 26. Pre-orders may be started.