Most of us use Intell CPUs but do we know about what the seemingly random letters and numbers in the CPU names mean? Well let me assure you that they are not random each character has a reason to be there and they will very much impact the performance of your computer.

Processor family
Processor family

The above is the format used by intel to name their CPUs!

Product Line Suffix : The product line suffix decides where the cpu will be used. 

  • K = Unclocked
  • T = Power- Optimized Life
  • H = High performance graphics
  • HK = Unlocked, High performance graphics
  • HQ =Quad core, High performance graphics
  • U = Ultra Low Power

for example T is power optimized which means it is good for being used in ultra-books and portable devices.

On the other hand HK is Unlocked,High performance graphics which makes it perfect for desktops and gaming devices.

So the next time you need a gaming laptop go for HK,K,HQ and when you need a full day battery life for you laptop go for T or U.

Brand Modifier : The brand modifiers also define a few features of the CPU as given below.

Intel Core Series Core Number Cache Space Hyper Threading Turbo Boost
i3 2 3-4 MB Yes No
i5 4 6 MB No Yes
i7 4 8 MB Yes Yes

Generation Number or SKU number : These numbers are for use by intel and does not affect the performance of the CPUs. The first number indicates the generation of the cpus which can also be known from the Brand Modifier and SKU number stands for Stock Keeping Unit.