By Sourav Mandal

google unveils stadia streaming service gdc news stage

Since the beginning of gaming games had been running on the machines held by the user, no matter how inconveniently or with noticeable lack of quality. But recently there had been huge development in the cloud infrastructure because of the increase in internet speed and increase in computing power in general. It started with remote servers, then it came to more consumer related use cases like google docs which provides microsoft office like solution in the cloud which allows the convenience of accessing the files from anywhere.

Google Stadia
Google Stadia

But who would have thought this technology will one day be used to stream games directly from cloud in 4K high quality. That’s exactly what google is doing with their new stadia project! Companies have tried at a very small scale in the past it was mostly experimental and Microsoft was in talks of starting one for xbox but with google better experience and investment in video streaming technologies and good relation with network operators around the world there is a good chance google will make it work! They have even given a release date, it is expected to be launched in 2019.

google unveils stadia streaming service

Ok so that was the geeky part! now let’s talk about what’s actually to be gained from it! Most of us, atleast in developing countries cannot afford to keep an up to date pc that is capable of running latest games. But with google stadia the power of the device will not matter as the game will be running in google’s powerful servers and the live footage can be streamed to all devices including mobile phones and tablets.

Stadia vs. Xbox One X

This also enables us to share games quicker than ever because the user doesn’t need to download the game they just have to click on the link and the live connection will start.

But the biggest problem is the latency because of the delays due to various factors and to minimize some of the latency google introduced their own controller which connects directly to the server using wifi which removes a part of the delay.

Google Stadia gamepad

People are having different opinions about the project but, we can never know until we see it for ourselves.