Over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile apps downloaded per year which definitely shows that mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing industry.
Giants like Walmart,Amazon, Alibaba are using mobile applications for branding, improving customer engagement , direct marketing etc. Many businesses are growing and following the mobile trends. So, mobile phones and the technology , being an integrated part of our everyday lifestyle, the development in its technology is also rising.
Below are some  trends defining the industry:


The Internet Of Things has been has been in leading demand in the last few years and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.
According to Statista , 26.66 billion will be number of IoT connected devices and by 2025 the number will reach the threshold of 75,44 billion.
A mobile phone serves as a bridge between intelligent systems and people, while an application is the main tool for managing the connected devices
So , its one of the leading technology in mobile industry as well as in era of technology providing a wide scope of jobs and career oppurtunities.


Developers started to invest in cloud driven apps and here by enhancing the mobile-cloud era . Applications that integrate advanced technologies such as AI, Machine Learning etc requires huge sizes for storage which may slow down your devices. And we don’t want to have an app of 1 gigabyte in our phone or other devices. So, Giants like GOOGLE is working enormously in making Cloud Apps like GOOGLE Drive.
The Cloud provides:
  • Better storage and fast loading capacity.
  • Increasing user retention.
  • Saving money in hosting.



Everyone was fascinated by the release of Pokemon GO , right? The technology that has given rise to such an awesome gaming experience is the Augmented Reality.
The world of AR attracted much interest of the public after release of Pokemon GO.
And we can expect a new AR based game on Harry Potter.
Mobile technology trends for this year shows that there will be a new wave of applications using AR for more practical puposes like navigation, user manual and more.


VR technology is being one of the most fascinated technology for entertainment in mobile phones and Giants are working on making its use in more practical purposes.
Google DayDream, Samsung Gear VR are some fine tools to experience this technology.


Implementation of above mentioned supreme technologies into mobile apps is possible due to the enhancement of wireless connectivity.
The world’s regulator of Cellular communication standards 3GPP officially approved the specification of 5G technology in Lisbon in December 2017.
The expansion of 5G can be expected to be seen in upcoming mobile phones such as OnePlus 7 5G, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G as being noticed in some talks and to be released in this year.
At last but not the least , I want to say that technology is rising day by day and in upcoming future it will be an era of complete awesomeness.